The Zesty chair is a “spicy” and well-balanced chair that brings the best out of bent plywood with a minimum of material and a maximum of comfort and style. It is extremely light in design and weight as it weighs only 3,6 kg.




Zesty koka krēsla izmēri

The chairs are stackable up to 16 pieces and thus they are easier to keep and move. The lovers of pure design will appreciate the clean looks and original frame of the functional multi-purpose stacking Zesty chair with a characteristic leg frame and a slender profile that adds an extra flavour to any public and domestic environment. In addition to that, no screws or metal joints were used in the construction of this wooden chair. However, the chair is outstanding also thanks to its ergonomics which provide special sitting comfort. Zesty can be applicable in conference rooms, waiting rooms, museums and in home interiors in dining rooms, guest rooms, kitchen or in home offices.

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